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Gormanston week 1 next week 22 Jan all the details here   16/01/2017

Gormanston indoor hurling starts its 17th season next week Sun 22 Jan and runs for 5 weeks  until Feb 26th with a one week break in the middle

Your team mentor has been given the fixtures so please check with them.

  • you need your helmet and shinguards (club will have a supply of helmets available)
  • Runners only (its indoor :-) )
  • Its in main sports hall, at gormanston college
  • We assume once again we will be in dressing room no 4, meet at appointed time there (right down corridor to the end from main entrance)
  • Parents can view games from the balcony only
  • fixtures are always posted down there for next week
  • No hurls needed, club will bring special indoor hurls with rubber Bas
  • PLEASE KEEP DRESSING ROOM NO 4 TIDY, be great if parents could help tidy up hurls and helmets before leaving
  • Entry fee is separate from annual club membership and is €10 per player payable to your team mentor.

Thanks to our own Canice Reade and Skerries Harps, Dens Forde for organizing the event

St Maurs last year won the overall club award for the best club and this year we have high participation once again. Enjoy !


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