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More volunteers needed to drive St Maurs Forward   23/01/2017

Dear members

As we move towards our 90th anniversary year the club us in need of more Volunteerism across the full spectrum of activities. Here's a sample

If you feel you would be willing to do any of these then please get i touch with the club office, club secretary or any club office or team mentor

  • Committee members. We have Committees running   for Adults games, juvenile games, Lotto, Bingo, Development as well as club management. Don't wait fof AGM's if you are interested in contributing get in touch with the club secretary at

  • Mentors and coaches : Always welcome. we will provide training for juvenile mentors. e.g. Our U8 girls team is in need of parents to step up and take the team. Its a hugely rewarding experience. Contact our GPO Vinny Whelan if you would like do it. Other teams need extra help to assist current coaches.
    •  Our adult 2nd team also needs a management team put in place. this is a big gap that needs urgent filling. Please contact the club secretary  or Mick Moore of the adult games committee if you're interested 
    • Juvenile teams woudl welcome help from Adult players to run the odd session, help with skills etc. Contact Juvenile mentors or Juvenile secretary if you can help.


  • Trades people. We need advice and help with our Gas and electricity systems. Both are old fashioned and a constant problem.  We also have some challenges with regard to our plumbing and drainage. Can you help us, advise us . Contact the office 018438233 or email  In 2017 we are trying to save costs so help badly needed

  • Lotto teams : each Sunday we need a team of 3/4 people to count lotto envelopes and run the lotto draw. Takes an hour. If we got 3/4 more teams it would then only be once every 8-10 weeks. could you and 2/3 friends set up a lotto team. If you can email club secretary  or call the office

  • Bingo :  We need 2/3 bingo callers. We have people who run the bingo but need someone who will call the numbers. all thats needed is a good clear voice and a sense of humour. Bingo is Sunday night and if we get a few people then a proper rota could be established

  • Fundraising : apart from our traditional sources of Xmas draw, lotto, bingo we need people to come up with fresh ideas for fundraising

Of course as a sports club we also need help in any way with coaching, strength and conditioning, new initiatives so if you have these skillsets let us know also.

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